Introducing the Amplituhedron.
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the tldr;/eli5 version of this as best I understand:

This is basically a new way to figure out the probabilities for the results of fundamental particles interacting that A) is dramatically simpler than Feynman diagrams and more importantly B) does not include space-time in the formula.

The reason that the second thing is important is that most physicists believe that space and time are not fundamental, and get in the way of figuring out quantum gravity, so this could pave the way to a Unified Theory of Everything.

The caveat is that right now they have only adapted it to a simplified model of particle physics and have not modified it to work with the standard model yet.

The people working on this are well-respected physicists at major institutions, so it's not crankery.
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If time is not fundamental to the fabric of reality, then feel free to peruse the additional links in the other post, which was unfairly deleted for having been posted twenty minutes "later," as if that means anything.
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Are you saying that time is an artificial construct thrust upon us by the mods?!
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yeah the other post is probably better.
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It sounds amazing!
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so are we talking some kind of snowflake made out of 196,833 interlocking dimensions or what are we talking about elijah
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Thanks so much empath. To Rhaomi's post we go, sorry about the confusion everyone.
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