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The Geometric Artwork of Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore made the diagram of the amplituhedron at the top of the Quanta Magazine article, which inspired this post.
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Oh neat! I'm just waiting for the framer to finish with the print of Quarter Tones I got after seeing his work in LAB Zine. Gilmore's pieces are a bit of a retro throw-back to 60s op-art but I really like the colors and complexity. I'm a fan of computer generated art but a lot of that is pretty sterile and formal. These are fun.
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For something less slick but also based on math see Xylor Jane's work.. She is one of my favorite artists..
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Wow, Xylor Jane's work is apparently hand-painted‽
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yes, Xylor's work is hand done.. her drawings are awesome too.. I bought a number of her drawings years ago...she was not really making paintings back then.. now I lust for her paintings... they are expensive, but relatively speaking a bargain.. that is if you have that kind of $$..
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