Extra History - The Punic Wars
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Extra Credits (Previously, [1] [2]) was recently approached by Creative Assembly, the team behind the Total War series of games. With Total War: Rome II coming out and Creative Assembly determining what to do with the remainder of their marketing budget, they decided to finance Extra Credits on doing a history of the Punic Wars. Extra Credits gladly accepted, of course, and has now completed the saga. Extra History: The Punic Wars (2, 3, 4)
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I hope this is successful for Creative Assembly, because this is the kind of marketing I'd like to see more of.
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Though, it might have been helpful to divert some of that marketing budget to QA.
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This is great, and kudos to Creative Assembly!

The total annual advertising budget in the United States is around $140 billion. That a lot of potential good works.
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Also, I love Metafilter-- I now know a brief history of the Punic wars, and it's not even lunch time.
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I usually can't look at any internet pop culture thing about ancient history because I get too mad about how little the people who make them seem to care about actual fact. Decided to give this one a shot... and they misspelled Caesar before the first minute ended.

I'll just retreat to my pedant cave ivory tower now.
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yayy! I just finished with the second punic war on the history of rome podcast (thanks whoever mentioned it a week or so ago) and am now in full blown roman geekout mode.
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So apparently the game's still unplayable. Thankfully these are some cool videos.
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I couldn't stand the weather voice, but that's smart marketing. As for CA, their games are probably best played after 6 months of patching.
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Truly ersatz, see also Paradox games, the other main competitor for sweeping historicalness.
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Rome 2 is the only game I've wanted a refund for. Too bad you can't get refunds on Steam.
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"Rome 2 is the only game I've wanted a refund for"?


The game is awesome.
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It is/was incredibly buggy, completely unbalanced, and has brain dead AI.

It's improved a bit with the first 3 patches. I should have known to wait for 6 months and then evaluate buying it.
posted by Justinian at 11:36 AM on October 2, 2013

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