There's no escaping Britney
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There's no escaping Britney I take this to be a sign that she is in the 14th minute of her warholian fame.
posted by BentPenguin (18 comments total)
Britney Underground seems to indicate maybe she's already in the 15th, or even 16th minute.
posted by jessamyn at 8:14 AM on December 20, 2001

Warholian's the word all right. How fitting that this Britney Underground site really reminds me of Warhol's Marilyn Monroe paintings.
posted by Vacaloca at 8:28 AM on December 20, 2001

Britney Underground seems to indicate maybe she's already in the 15th, or even 16th minute.

Hell I think she stole MY 15 minutes and yours too. Damn her.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 8:43 AM on December 20, 2001

C'mon gang, lay off. Britney embodies (pardon the word choice) the dream of every girl in America, home of capitalism at it's best. It warmed my heart that my now 4-year old daughter's second word was "Britney" uttered after being snowed in at day care one day two winters ago. (Her first word was "hot", which when put together with her second word made quite the astute sentence.) And if you think Britney's 15 minutes is up, just you wait...have you seen what's on the horizon? Lawd have mercy.
posted by willrich at 9:22 AM on December 20, 2001

There really isn't. (btw, owillis, that is perty damned funny).
posted by eyeballkid at 9:31 AM on December 20, 2001

I have no idea what you're talking about. Britney dictates, and I write. It's a working relationship.
posted by owillis at 9:34 AM on December 20, 2001

Oh my willrich. What state are they from again?... Just asking. For a friend of course.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 9:42 AM on December 20, 2001

As David Spade put it (during his one-off Hollywood Minute last season), "When the grass is growin', it's time to start mowin'!"
posted by dhartung at 9:46 AM on December 20, 2001

Perhaps one reason Ms. Spears has endured is the mystery she presents...
(big, (1.5meg) long Flash animation, possibly offensive to the real starchies out there, but a good presentation of one of the larger, or, um, smaller questions of our age....)
posted by BGM at 10:36 AM on December 20, 2001

Britney embodies (pardon the word choice) the dream of every girl in America, home of capitalism at it's best.

It's the dream of every girl in America to be a symbol of vapid, artificial sexuality? I know it's a popular dream, but there must be one or two out there who are not aspiring to be megabimbos. I'm not sure why your heart is warmed that your daughter isn't one of them.
posted by bingo at 10:47 AM on December 20, 2001

Seriously, if you think her "15 minutes" is up, you don't understand what's going on here. She is genuinely being positioned to be the next Madonna. Remember this?

OT: I really wish the "15 minutes of fame" thing's own 15 minutes would be up. It's the most tired meme around.
posted by jpoulos at 11:37 AM on December 20, 2001

Ah, jp, they and she might want her to be the next Madonna, but I have serious doubts that Britney has anything comparable to the ruthless smarts that Madonna has displayed (note that this leaves aside any comment on artistry) over her career. My prediction is that in five years, Britney will be in rehab, discreetly hitting up Lou Bega for beer money.
posted by Skot at 11:50 AM on December 20, 2001

Maybe, skot. But the idea that she's a flash in the pan is seriously misguided. She is the biggest pop star in the world today.

Don't get me wrong. I think her music pretty much sucks, and she should just do Playboy and get it over with. But it's very easy for us old folks to dismiss kids like Britney as little blips on the radar, when in fact they're extraordinarily powerful forces in the entertainment industry.
posted by jpoulos at 12:04 PM on December 20, 2001

How does one get from being the next Debbie Gibson to being the next Madonna?
If this in fact the case, building so much Q Rating with 1 belly button, 2 implants and an army of choreagraphers should put her handler(s) in line for knighthood or gallic Jerry Lewis-type accolades.
Ever the optomist, I continue to have faith in the law of fame: The higher they soar, the deeper they tank. (Now if we could just get the man to quit picking on Pee Wee Herman...)
posted by BentPenguin at 12:17 PM on December 20, 2001

"...symbol of vapid, artificial sexuality?"

I don't see it that way at all... but then, I think she's hot :)

And the Olsen twins... well, one wonders if they would stick together during the oil wrestling segment.

Britney, despite what you might think of her music, is a very driven person who seems to have spend a fair amount of her life working towards this goal. That she has succeeded so spectacularly is something I for one admire and would be happy for my child (if I had one) to emulate.

During Britney's time in the sun there have been others who looked good, with massive marketing machines who have tried to take her spot and failed... so clearly there is *something* unique about her. I for one wouldn't;t dismiss her so easily as being "over".

OH - isn't it a little silly to discuss someone's "15 minutes" of fame when it's been years? :)
posted by soulhuntre at 12:22 PM on December 20, 2001

Spears the next Madonna? It doesn't seem reasonable for several reasons... First Madonna knows how to grab onto whatever is the next big thing and turn it towards her advantage. Spears, on the other hand, is more an image molded by others.

Madonna always ends up in the studio with the latest and greatest producers, the best opening bands, etc... Plus, she actually came from a background in somewhat underground music (I believe Madonna was a fan of Bad Brains and definitely an early proponent of the Beastie Boys).

Secondly, with the recessions, musical tastes swing dramatically... If I remember correctly, for the last few years the mainstream has been dictated by the middle and high school age kids because of their incredible disposable income... But with recessions (as shown in the early 90s), twenty-somethings have a bit more say in what's popular...

Also, during low economic periods, people get into darker more thoughtful music, and cheesy pop tends to end up by the waste side, waiting for the next period of affluence...

So, expect some band, rap group, or electronic act that isn't just a "brand" to break through to the mainstream soon with something that shakes up the music industry (read soon as...with in the next few years.)
posted by drezdn at 12:30 PM on December 20, 2001

BentPenguin- I'm with you... I'm frankly a bit tired of the PeeWee Herman rips. I thought he was excellent in Blow. And sheesh, like we havne't has worse scandals going on in Hollywood, or Washington?

(Speaking of children's TV show hosts... anyone remember Xuxa?)
posted by campy at 12:51 PM on December 20, 2001

I don't give a crap about all the "music-industry" this and the "commercialism" that. I think Britney is f-ing hot and I'd like to spend some quality night time with her. That makes me normal, I think.
posted by dopamine at 10:04 PM on December 20, 2001

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