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A new terrible music video is making the rounds from the producer of Rebecca Black's "Friday." The new song, Chinese Food, is more racist than the countless other pre-teen music videos produced by Patrice Wilson, AKA ARK Music, also AKA Fat Usher, but otherwise follows the same generic formula of unnecessary syncopation, rhymeless rapping, and astonishingly creepy older men hanging around young girls. For anybody wondering what Patrice Wilson thinks of his own music or business, however, just check out his sequel to Friday from a year ago, in which Wilson pokes fun at his reputation as a producer.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: "Here's something that is of poor quality and somewhat racist" isn't really a great basis for a post. -- LobsterMitten

It's catchier than "Wrecking Ball."

And as Seinfeld once said, is it really racist if you like their race?
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So, did she root the panda?
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