When Maya met Madhur
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Maya Angelou and Madhur Jaffrey share a lunch and conversation in 2005. "Maya Angelou and Madhur Jaffrey were born worlds apart, but for both, cooking and sharing food were key to their identities. We invited them for lunch to talk about recipes, love and memory."
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Madhur Jaffrey: iceberg lettuce, which I thought was the best thing I'd ever eaten. Then I went to America where all these food writers were tearing iceberg lettuce to shreds and saying, "People who eat it are the pits." All these food writers saying exactly the same thing. From then on I thought, "I know what I like - and I like iceberg lettuce."

Maya Angelou: I agree. But that doesn't mean I don't like romaine . . .

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I was skeptical based on the framing, which sort of struck me as "a black woman and an Indian woman somehow ended up talking to each other, what a crazy world!!" but it was definitely an interesting conversation to read.
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Huh, I never knew that Madhur Jaffrey was an actress.
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I think my favorite thing about the romaine bit that I quoted above is that I'm reasonably sure the ellipsis was to cut out a derail / uninteresting part of the conversation. And now I'm just imagining Angelou going on like a five-minute monologue about the virtues of various lettuces. I would pay money to read that.
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