Gay Talese and Katie Roiphe go to the Opera.
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The young Talese wanted to be American, not Italian, so he resented the Verdi and Puccini, this soundtrack to the boyhood he didn’t want to have.

At a performance of ‘La Traviata’ at the Met in New York, the legendary journalist tells Katie Roiphe how he fell in love with opera at the age of 75.
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Like baseball, opera is always best in-person and I prefer Rossini to be pitching...
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What a lovely article. I've not read any of Talese's work, though I recognised his name from the recent FPP on 'Frank Sinatra has a cold'. I will go now and read it. Thank you for the link.
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Talese is a very important figure in New Journalism, as much as Tom Wolfe (of the Electric Cool Aid/Right Stuff variety, not the bloviating novel variety).

I find Katie Roiphe generally not as interesting a writer, but in this case she wrote a nice, short piece.

When I was at Indiana University Bloomington, it had a world-class opera and classical program (i.e. Joshua Bell came out of it, etc), and we got to see a very high standard La Traviatia for 5 bucks.
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coincidentally, Gay Talese is the subject of last week's Longform podcast and if you're looking for more copies of his work: Longform also recently re-printed his 1963 Esquire article on George Plimpton and The Paris Review crowd (Looking For Hemingway) which reads like the best historical biopic that Whit Stillman never wrote.
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Just for completeness' sake, here's Talese's New Yorker article [PDF] about Marina Poplavskaya that's referred to in this FT profile.
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Well, now I feel like the most illiterate hick in America, because somehow I grew up with the impression that he was Jewish. Who the hell have I been mixing him up with all these years?
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Gay Schwartzbaum.
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Why didn't I write Gay Tallis?
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