I wonder what happened in all the other timelines?
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There are other timelines?
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Pray this not the darkest timeline.
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OK, seriously, it's impressive how closely they all track the basic similar set of events. That episode holds a place on my internal Mount Rushmore of Single Greatest TV Episodes of All Time.
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You know, for how psychotically exacting Dan Harmon is known for being, I'm honestly surprised that external cues like the song starting didn't happen at exactly the same moment in each timeline.
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There are other timelines?

would have been unremarkable without the spot-on expression of brief enlightenment on the pizza dude's face. Bless that guy.
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So, what with six different people posting this link at basically the same time (see the MeTa thread for the full details and infodump geekery), and each thread developing a fairly different conversation before the mods could intervene, we've taken the somewhat unusual step of having cortex roll a die to decide which of the threads to keep. Looks like this is now the One True Community Thread for today, so let's make the most of it! (Even though I'm disappointed the one with the Harry Potter derail wasn't chosen...)
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Which timeline does that make this, mbrubeck?
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This reminds me of the video feed of various Japanese TV stations during the tsunami.
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I swear I had Roxanne stuck in my head for two weeks after this episode first aired. But the way the song is used is just another part of what makes it a masterpiece.
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Now I really want someone to make the same video but with subtitles.
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I will forgive just about anything that happens on Community based on this episode alone. Really glad somebody put the effort towards making this, really interesting overlaps and stuff.
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Oh man, I just couldn't watch this. It sounds like a cool thing, but it was driving me nuts to attempt to keep track of any of it.
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