Model health law empowers states.
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Model health law empowers states. "Patients could be forced to take medicines or receive vaccines for contagious diseases that pose a public health threat, such as smallpox, under the model law." (originally published in Boston Globe, but that link is now gone)
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Goods, services &c. that everyone needs some of so that the whole society can be happy are commonly known as 'merit goods'. Primary schooling is another example for this. In my opinion it is good to force people to receive merit goods - otherwise the whole sociey will suffer.
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I'd rather not be *forced* to receive anything. At least in the U.S., we're not forced to receive primary schooling either. Anything with "government" and "force" in the same sentence isn't something I'd like to have as a law in my state. Hopefully the states' implementation of this law will take civil liberties into consideration. (Although the current political climate in the U.S. isn't very civil-liberty friendly it seems.)

Another thing that bothers me is that the vaccine producers aren't subject to product liability. If you are injured because of a vaccine, you have to deal with the National Vaccine Injury Program which Consumer Reports has noted is a major pain.

I've chosen to get my kid vaccinated for all but the newest vaccine (prevnar). The mfr. of that vaccine had a little problem with messing up some kids a few years ago with their RotaShield vaccine. I'd rather be educated about drugs and vaccines than forced or scared into taking them by my government, or anyone else for that matter.
posted by kat at 1:06 PM on December 22, 2001

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