The Map Is Not The Territory
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Nobody's replied yet, so...
I love maps, and tried the first link, but all I got was an enormous ad, and half (yes, half) of a "sign up" screen that covered whatever I wanted to look at. I'm afraid that page remains terra incognita.

Link 2: Rankin's site tried to scare me off by cutting up a map (blasphemy! Well unless you have two copies and need a smaller map while hiking). The home page serves as a warning to people like me, sort of "here be monsters."

Link 3 (traverse): she's cut up a star map! One of the most beautiful things in all creation and she cut it up! Clearly I am a Philistine, but I don't think I am the target market for this. My own map making is in the naive literalist camp - I used to make gigantic maps of books I read. These cut-up maps are like clothes made of the skin of old friends.

Maybe I should try to be more open minded. I'll try one more link.

Link 4(falls): she's shredded them!!! Can't click on any more. Sorry. Hopefully somebody else will like them. They are certainly... different.
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Granted I only looked on the tablet, but I couldn't really see what was going on. I didn't get any images big enough to see what was happening. :(
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I have disliked that phrase: "The map is not the territory," and related phrases ("The symbol is not the thing symbolized,") ever since my high school English teacher, whom I had previously respected, introduced and harped for the rest of the semester on the slogans and their progenitors in the most dogmatic and puerile way imaginable.
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