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Interesting claim - the military's investigators say that the Red Cross buildings which were bombed on October 25th were not marked and that the military had not been given their coordinates as claimed. Has anyone found more information about this?
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Bombing and occupation of ICRC facilities in Afghanistan. Geneva - The International Committee of the Red Cross deplores the fact that bombs have once again been dropped on its warehouses in Kabul. A large (3X3 m) red cross on a white background was clearly displayed on the roof of each building in the complex... At about 11.30 a.m. local time, ICRC staff saw a large, slow-flying aircraft drop two bombs on the compound from low altitude. This is the same compound in which a building was destroyed in similar circumstances on 16 October... Following the incident on 16 October, the ICRC informed the United States authorities once again of the location of its facilities.

The Washington Times item quotes an unnamed "defense official." An anonymous source and no evidence don't add up to much in my opinion.
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