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"Hollande called for a code of conduct among the intelligence agencies, an idea for which Merkel also showed support. But soon doubts emerged: Wouldn't Europe also have to take a look at its own surveillance practices? What if a German or French Snowden came forward to reveal dirty spy tactics?"

Metafilter's own, Jacob Applebaum, heads a long list of authors in an interesting article from Der Spiegel about developments in European response to the ongoing Snowden leaks.

Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald and the New York Times (Bill Keller) whip each other in public over the meaning of journalist.
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I think the pullquote is misleading over the article as a whole. The issue highlighted by it makes up maybe 10% of the story.

Otherwise, I would be happy if the outcome from this meant that the EU banded together and monitored the US as much as possible. There is a lot of significant business information that would help the EU's interests to have, not to mention US citizens who could be a threat to security.
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This week G√ľnter Heiss, Chancellor Merkel's intelligence coordinator, will travel to Washington. Heiss wants the Americans finally to promise a contract excluding mutual surveillance.

You know, I bet if you'd asked the U.S. a couple years ago if it was following German surveillance laws, it would have said it was. I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to accomplish, aside from being political theater.
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