Love Is Lost
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Just in time for Halloween, David Bowie releases the kind of creepy video for Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA). The original track comes from his most recent album, The Next Day.

Some may have missed the release of the video for Valentine's Day, which came out in July.
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The full-length 10-minute-long remix is also available for listening via YouTube.
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And, for YT-haters, also here.
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David Bowie + James Murphy + Steve Reich + Clutch Cargo = !

I still love, love, love the full remix, too.
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In fact, I may play the whole thing on a loop when the trick or treaters show up tonight.
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(And yes, I know that there's actually no Reich on the remix, but his influence is definitely there.)
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At the risk of spamming the thread too late!, the CBC has five tracks from The Next Day Extra previewed here. Hot damn, but Bowie seems to be having some serious fun this year.
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According to Bowie, the video was shot for $12.99, which was paid for the flash drive.
Eschewing both celebrity guests and splashy production, Bowie picked up his domestic camera from home, rescued a couple of puppets from his legendary archive and wrote, shot and edited the entire video over this last weekend in the darkened corridor of his office in Manhattan, New York.

With his assistant Jimmy King on camera and best friend Coco Schwab handling everything from continuity to sandwiches they worked through the evenings finishing on Monday morning, sending it out to the rest of the world.

The result of this speedy production is a strangely moving gothic inflected storyline perfect for Halloween. And the cost? Just $12.99 for the thumb drive to download the finished video on.
Sadly, articles on this video have eclipsed any real mention of Bowie's "legendary archive" (of puppets?). Hopefully someone can shed more light on that aspect of the video.

And here's some info from Bowie's website on the Next Day Extra 3-disc edition, which this video is promoting.
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Visually, in that video does Bowie morph into a Leonard Cohen lookalike? Or am I just imagining things?
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Wow, that is a list of names I never expected to see attached to the same song. I hope this bodes well for Steve Reich's next project: Music for Eighteen Hip Hop Producers.
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Woo-hoo! Mega-meta-scratch-battle-3000! Deltron's back, anything is possible!
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All of the videos are region locked and not available to me in Germany (and probably in a lot of other places too).
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Dear Santa:

I'd like a life-size Bowie marionette for Xmas this year. Sorry for the short notice, but I never before imagined that such a thing existed.


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Also, did anyone else notice the quotes from "Ashes to Ashes" in the remix?
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