A "Pissed Off Patriot"
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The LAX shooter is alive and in custody. After the initial shock of the attacks wore off it seems that the shooter had a note on him describing himself as a "pissed off patriot" talking about how his rights were being violated by the TSA and his anger at Janet Napolitano, the former director of Homeland Security.
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Oh good, not a terrorist.
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Another young man, possibly with emotional problems has absolutely no problem with laying his hands on an Assault Rifle and over a hundred rounds of ammunition. Astonishing, or not.
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Terrorism against terrorism. Metaterrorism?
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svenni: "Metaterrorism?"

No, just terror.
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Attempted murder of people based on ideological beliefs isn't terrorism? Having emotional problems doesn't really seem a mitigating factor, and a low body count shouldn't be. Usually those who are labeled terrorists are dead after the fact and we don't get to find out just how bad their mental health was.
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