Soap bubbles and ghost ninjas and creepy woods, oh my!
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Fun video ("The story of two very illusive creatures almost interacting in the midst of the Swedish wilderness") for the song "You Make Me Real" by Rebekka Karijord from Oskar Wrangö. [Rebekka Karijord: personal site (w/autoplay music); Wiki page; on Grooveshark. Oskar Wrangö: site]

In the comments section on the Vimeo page, director/photographer Wrangö answers a query about the production:
"Thank you all very much, I'm really happy for all the nice words. Thanks also to Sam for picking me up. I can promise you that it's only live action in this film. No post production or CGI. Only real bubbles in camera. Also only natural/existing light, no lights added. Totally old school. That's how I like to work. We got some nice help from our friend the sun though!... ;-)"
... and for a bit more fun with this vid, a fan gif from someone called anklove, who is also apparently responsible for this wonderfully creepy and disquieting short Half-Life 2 fan film called "Pandemic". (No, I don't understand any of it, I'm just following the rabbit hole).
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Wait! Wait! Be still!
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You hooked me with BUBBLES!
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I don't know... are we saying that they're illusive or elusive? VERY illusive doesn't seem right; a thing is either illusive or not illusive, it seems to me, and not illusive to varying degrees. Then to make it worse one of the top comments asks if they're CGI or real SOUP bubbles. I can't stand it...
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