"Black Angel"
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Although it is quite exciting to watch R2D2 futz around with an X-wing for a full minute, there was a much more interesting sort of lost footage related to "Star Wars" that premiered last month.

As a thank you gift for his work on "Star Wars", George Lucas gave art director Roger Christian 25,000 pounds in 1979 to make a short film. Christian used the money to shoot a 25 minute medieval fantasy titled "Black Angel". Lucas liked the film so much that he had it precede theatrical showings of "Empire Strikes Back" in the UK, Australia and Scandinavia. In the intervening years, the film was thought lost until a negative was discovered at Universal Studios in 2011. The film was restored and given a premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival in Marin County last month. Christian plans on making it available on Netflix and iTunes sometime next year.
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clip unavailable. That was fast.
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Yup, the video's dead.
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