"Now, only humans will play cricket."
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The entire nation of India grinds to a halt for the next 5 days, as Sachin Tendulkar competes in his final Test match before retiring. ESPN's CricInfo has a hub of reflections and recollections for the Little Master.

Articles from the BBC, Washington Post, CNN, Telegraph, Times of India. A timeline of his career. Q&A: Why Tendulkar is the greatest since Gandhi. Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni provides a first-person view. Some believe he should have retired two years ago. Over-by-over coverage of the first day, where Dhoni annoyed basically everyone by choosing to bowl first, and which ended with Tendulkar on 38 not out and the hope of a final Test century still alive.

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What! I should pay more attention to what's going on in cricket. Talk about the end of an era.
posted by chunking express at 11:16 AM on November 14, 2013

And his mum is there too.
For the first time.
Which just adds to the countless reasons why he's the greatest.
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Goodbye Master Blaster!
posted by The 10th Regiment of Foot at 11:49 AM on November 14, 2013

As a typical resident of the USA I know nothing about cricket. But I'd love to watch a match. Just a couple of weeks ago I discovered a cricket channel on my Comcast (CRIC, channel 692 here), although now that channel isn't coming through.
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Sachin Tendulkar : cricket :: (Michael Jordan * 10) : basketball
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I came to enjoy watching a cricket match during my time in Australia. Not so much the 5 day test matches, but rather the one day matches. They can turn out to be quite suspenseful. He will be missed. And I LOVE the headline.
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Earlier this year, Sachin got his 49th ODI century (scoring 100+ runs in an innings), which, incidentally, was his 100th international century, the first and only person to accomplish that feat. For reference, the next closest number of international centuries is Ricky Ponting's 71, and Brian Lara, Sachin's only real competition for greatest batsman of the era, has 53. Like Federer's run of 23 consecutive Grand Slam semifinals in tennis, it's a record that will probably never be approached, never mind bested. The 100th century highlights (skip to 7:00 for the pivotal ball, or watch the whole thing to see a god go to work).
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I've heard the stories about Bradman and Lillee and others who played before I was born. Up until now, cricket without Sachin has been one of those stories--something I never witnessed in the time I watched cricket.

It'll be strange without him.
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Tendulkar or Bradman?
If you asked either, they would say the other.
Which is why they're inseparable.
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Another example of what makes Sachin not simply great, but revered: there are two wheelchairs in the stadium. One, as mentioned, is his mother. The other is his first coach, who is now 82 and partially paralyzed. Sachin went personally to ask him to come. Then he made the powers that be install a handicapped ramp into the stadium, so that they both could come. Ridiculous.
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Tendulkar or Bradman?
If you asked either, they would say the other.

Brian Lara called Tendulkar the Mohammad Ali of cricket.
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I believe he retired in order to stay home and play this.
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Pakistan Taliban not happy at the praise the Little Master was getting in the local press; also come out with the classic:
And Misbah [ul-Haq], even if he is the worst player, media should praise him because he is a Pakistani.
Bet Misbah's all, "Err, thanks lads... I think."
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