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northern-lights is a site dedicated to the Aurora Borealis- the science behind it, lights-spotting, forecasts and historical interpretations. If you live in North America and don't want to miss it, take advantage of the Aurora Alarm, thanks to Mark Haun and his skywatching friends.
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I moved to Boston from ålesund, Norway about ten years ago, and have realized how much I took the northern lights for granted... Now I can hardly even make out the stars out here due to all the light pollution... My favorite time of year is midsummer in northern Vermont. I stay at a friend's cottage and lie back in her pool, overwhelmed by the number of stars visible to the naked eye there. And I wish for some northern lights... Check out the videos on the page- they may be small, but they're mesmerizing nonetheless...
posted by kahboom at 8:45 AM on December 27, 2001

According to, we had some auroras along the northern tier of counterminous states on Christmas Eve--I was out late, apres Christmas Eve party, (or is that delon, kafakaesque?) catching a night owl bus from the lonely empty Northgate Mall's Metro Transit Center where the lights were extra bright and didn't think to check for them.

What a night, though--away from the lights, the sky was so black and the stars so bright and many--and this in a city, under a half moon at the zenith.

Ooh, I finally saw Orion this year and Jupiter is so bright, too... And tomorrow night, as I write, the Moon occults Saturn!
Mmmm, occulty.....
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Occult as a verb... You do learn something new every day. I'm a little link-happy right now, but you just have to see the visitor-submitted photos of the lights...
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Yipes! I link to the comment made above from the MetaTalk thread on spell checkers, forget I did and check it ...and find I misspelled conterminous here and there.
But then I get a 360° linkerosity ouroboros outta it!
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