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Guestlist’ (NSFW lyrics) is the brand new single from Berlin based Denitza Torodrove AKA DENA, released worldwide on 23rd November. The tongue and cheek lyrics offer a poignant juxtaposition to the political message of the single which addresses immigration control issues in her native Bulgaria. The video, also shot in her homeland...provides a suitable backdrop to DENA’s unique brand of pop, 90’s inspired hip-hop and Balkan beats. ‘Guestlist’ follows singles ‘Thin Rope’ and ‘Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools" which came out on French label Kitsune earlier this year, rapidly reaching more than 800,000 views on Youtube.

Other songs by DENA: Games, and Boyfriend.
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"Tongue and Cheek" (sic) quoted from this link please don't flame me omg.
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I seem to have a capricious attitude towards this whole genre of "kid with laptop makes simplistic, aspirational pop", but in this case, the video for "Cash" does it for me. Probably because I've traveled around Bulgaria and have a huge fondness for the people there, but the bewilderment of the random extras and the dorky dancing of the Bulgarian boys just puts me in a fun mood this morning. Thanks.
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So excellent. I love her.
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