To Cheat and Serve
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Harvard and UPenn study shows cheaters prefer public service (PDF) "... university students who cheat on a simple task in a laboratory setting are more likely to state a preference for entering public service." "Students who demonstrate lower levels of pro- social preferences in the laboratory games are also more likely to prefer to enter the government, ..."
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This study was conducted in Karnataka, India.

Government service in India, with its high barrier to termination, and reputation for "earning potential", presents a different degree of attraction for lower and middle-class candidates compared to private or informal sector employment. Generalization to other countries, especially OECD, is limited, I'd say.
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I think it's important to note that this experiment used students at an Indian university so it's entirely possibly that this finding is not universally applicable especially in cultures where widespread bureaucratic corruption is not the norm.

The lack of a mention of this in this post makes me feel uncomfortable because it seems to suggest that public servants are universally prone to being corrupt but I'm not sure the paper can support such a supposition.
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Nice misleading pull quote. Also, [PDF].
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