An Open Door to Extraordinary Worlds Opens Wider
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The 92 Street Y in New York has just launched an amazing online resource, 92Y On Demand, with recordings from their massive catalog of some of the interviews and performances that have occurred there going back to 1949. Some of the many speakers include Kurt Vonnegut, Chinua Achebe, Sherman Alexie and Sapphire, Dylan Thomas, Maria Bamford, Lou Reed, Dan Savage, Junot Díaz and Jamacica Kincaid, Maurice Sendak, Ruth Reichl with Ann Patchett, David Rakoff, and Leonard Lopate, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
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Holy cow. This is fantastic. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!!
posted by zarq at 8:57 AM on November 25, 2013

Amazing. Thanks!
posted by chavenet at 9:03 AM on November 25, 2013

With that list of perennial metafilter faves you should have waited til december for this post. nicely done.
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But it's not about the faves, it's about the sharing, and I just couldn't wait to share this—spirit of the season and all, I suppose.
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This looks like it will be amazing. Also, how can you not love something where Nadine Gordimer is one of the favorites.
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This is great. For all the backlash against TED talks, I have to give them at least partial credit for giving institutions like the Y a model for releasing their treasure-filled archives for free.
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Oh man, I was hoping they'd do this someday. Thanks!
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My first selection will be Maurice Sendak's 80th birthday from 2008:
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" horticultural Vietnam." Dear Michael Pollan: gasoline and groundhogs do not mix, no.

Thanks, Toekneesan!
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What a great site! Thank you for sharing.
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One of my favorite things about living in NYC was the 92nd Street Y. This will be a lot of fun.

Something that having the opportunity to meet and hear from - in person - such fascinating people has taught me is that some of our more outstanding people lend themselves very well to a crowd (Jane Goodall recently blew me away, although not at the 92nd Street Y), while others seem to perhaps have their true colors shown a bit. I was very disappointed with Dave Eggers, in particular, at the Y when he was reading from What is the What. I suppose it is perhaps natural that many of these people are introverts and not so well at relating to the public from a stage a-la-Dr. Neil. Just something to consider if you find yourself a bit underwhelmed with your own particular muse, at some juncture - we sometimes perhaps place unrealistic expectations on the real person. Or maybe that's just me.
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