"Man vs. Woman"
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"Man vs. Woman"... vs. Robot vs. Velociraptor (via The Dissolve)
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Why would someone go through all the effort to make that?
posted by tylerkaraszewski at 9:24 AM on November 26, 2013 [1 favorite]

Because they were twelve?
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 9:59 AM on November 26, 2013

You really wouldn't get a mature planet in the middle of a star-forming nebula like that.

Also, that was terrible.
posted by kyrademon at 10:11 AM on November 26, 2013

Oh, it was kind of fun. I don't understand, though, why it wasn't called Once Upon a Time on Planet V120368.
posted by languagehat at 10:55 AM on November 26, 2013 [1 favorite]

"Also, that was terrible."

The trope at the end rubbed me the wrong way.

And I think it also pissed me off because I kept wanting it to be better. Even though, really, even the concept was sort of full of potential but then again maybe it sounded better than it really was regardless, and then the execution wasn't so bad as to be amusing in a campy way, but not good enough to be engaging taken straight, and there were moments of playful humor that were within shouting distance of being amusing but weren't and so this not-quite-anything went on and on and on and I'm thinking why am I still watching and I'm thinking because it's a man and a woman and a robot and a velociraptor in a face-off, that has to be amusing, right? but it's not, really, but gee, this wasn't a trivial amount of work, there were a number of people putting a fair amount of professional effort into this.

And then the "man thinks with penis, seduced by the woman and hit by a rock" thing, which just made me want to throw something, and I'm left with pretty much exactly tylerkaraszewski's question.

There was maybe some "sunk cost fallacy" thinking going on all around.
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 1:57 PM on November 26, 2013

I thought it was pretty great. "Eventual source of oil" had me giggling. Robots would look at all carbon-based life as oil futures.

Too bad we didn't see the raptor's view of the robot...
posted by sharktopus at 4:04 PM on November 26, 2013

and Man... vs... The Empire Brain Building
posted by aspo at 8:21 PM on November 26, 2013

That's my favorite track from that Was (Not Was) album. I didn't know anyone in 1984 who also appreciated that song. Actually, that whole album was pretty great.
posted by Ivan Fyodorovich at 8:40 PM on November 26, 2013

Should have been titled "Divorce in a Free Market Society".
posted by Lung the Younger at 3:04 AM on November 27, 2013

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