Y'all act like you never seen a Walter White person before
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VICE made a documentary about the real Walter White.

When AMC's Breaking Bad premiered in 2008, one of Alabama's most successful meth cooks was already knee deep in building a massive meth empire. His name? Walter White. In this documentary, Walter tells us the secret behind his product, how he stacked up thousands of dollars per day, and why his partner is now serving two life sentences.
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That was interesting. It seems the real Walter White was a user as well as a producer, which might explain why he kept making meth while on probation. The members of his family that were willing to appear in the documentary seem quite locked down emotionally. They're probably waiting to see what his sentence will be, and don't know how to feel right now.
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Also, there was no pretense that this Walter was doing it for his family. It sounds like he blew all his ill gotten gains on trucks and tools and parties, while his family drifted away. The son is apparently so poor that he had to get three or four friends to pitch in before he could raise the thousand dollar bond to get his dad out of jail.
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Awesome thread title btw.
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Awesome find. Thanks, gman.
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