Klezmer for Hosers
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Dave Clark, the former drummer of the Rheostatics, one of Canada truly great alternative bands, offers up The Woodshed Orchestra and their joyfully infectious homage to Geddy Lee.
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This is very silly.
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Bo┼że I read this as Klezmer for HORSES!
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I love the Rheostatics and was seriously ANGRY for days about how Whale Music was only ranked 99 on a recent CBC list of 'top 100 Canadian albums ever', but this song is not exactly what I'd call joyfully infectious. It's more like an homage to the most impossible to sing hymns of the Church of England hymn book. Geddy deserves something that can be sung with passion, and with lots and lots of high notes.
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Geddy deserves something more like the song "Take Off," frankly. Because that was basically awesome all around.
posted by DoctorFedora at 3:34 PM on November 28, 2013

These guys, live, are precisely as entertaining as you'd expect them to be.
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