"Bart to the Future", Simpsons Season 11 Episode 13
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"Bart to the Future", Simpsons Season 11 Episode 13 (airdate 2000-03-19), featured the following quote from a wheelchair-bound Krusty 30-years in the future: "Let's start off with a joke. I got one: What's the difference between Pakistan and a pancake? I don't know any pancakes that were nuked by India! Ha-ha! What? Too soon?"
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That epsiode (season) sucks anyway.
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This is supposed to be some sort of a prediction? It's been a possibility ever since 1974! Let's hope it doesn't become more of a probability...
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perhaps this would have been better used as a comment to the FPP below it.
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waxpancake, are you gonna let him tell jokes about you like that?
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Some people can't take a joke. Must everything be relevant?
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since this is a simpson's post of sorts can someone tell me why in the this season's premiere that barney is completely sober while sitting in moe's? when did that happen? i remember an episode where he tried to get sober but failed. the funniest part about barney is that he's always drunk but maybe that isn't politically correct anymore. it's like that saying "i liked you better when you drank." also episode started off w/bart digging a hole in the backyard and refusing to stop digging like he was crazy. there were people in space monitoring him. next thing you know homer is going to take over moe's tavern while he's away and nothing is said again about bart. it was like 2 episodes were smushed together.
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barney not drunk, moe looking handsome and maude flanders dying... not sure if these were all in the same season but i think the writers were trying anything to pull the series out of the dumpster. hopefully they can do it before the movie(s) is/are released.
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suprfli: I didn't get that episode either. I think the Simpsons' downfall started with that hideously unfunny 'Behind the Laughter' episode. Since then, the stories have been awful. Yet, I still watch :)

And if I was on Slashdot, I'd mod the parent post up to (5, Funny).. great Simpsons reference :-)
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People should read descriptions before they buy anything and be sensitive to odd wording.

If they're unsure, they should send e-mail to the seller and ask for clarification.. 'does "you're buying a PS2 picture below" mean I'm buying a picture or an actual PS2?'. If the seller had replied that they were actually buying a PS2, it'd be a scam. Since it was obvious that people were buying a picture, the customers are to blame.

What was the starting price on this? After all, it's unreasonable to sell a picture for a starting price of $200, say.. but if the starting price was $1 and all these morons boosted it up to $300, it's their own bloody fault. My only sympathy is with the stupidity of these common people.

I just hope that Jim Brennecke's son will learn from his father's foolishness.
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I think that comment belongs in this thread on 'buyer beware' at eBay.
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About the episode which began with Bart digging a hole... my friends and I have decided that that opening plot line was intentionally made to be ridiculous. The Simpsons has come under fire in the newsgroups for the way they open with one scene and story and somehow jump to their second, main story.

In this episode, I believe the writers were responding to this criticism by making a wholly stupefying jump from opening story to main story, with Bart's hole digging and the Chinese spies being just a tale told by Homer in Moe's bar. Then Moe and his bar become the focus of the rest of the episode.

Also, the post-modern motif of Moe's revamped bar could be carried through to the rest of the episode, making the opening story "weird for the sake of weird."
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I happen to like the way The Simpsons starts one way and then skews in a totally different direction. Like when Bart found $20 and bought a totally-syrup Squishie, only to have the episode end up being about the Junior Campers father/son rafting trip. It's kind of like how sometimes there is a chain reaction of events in real life, that influence each other. How something can happen that seems to lead in one direction, but goes in another.

I agree with Hammerikaner, because this is something The Simpsons writers are critisized about a lot, and they do like to respond to things like that within the context of the show.
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I agree that the Simpsons of late is not as good as it was in it's prime but the Simpsons are like sex and drunkenness-even when they're bad they're still pretty good.
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