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The 33 Most Important Bunny Gifs on the Internet. (Via Buzzfeed. They can stop now, they have won the Internet.)
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I am compelled to point out that the best term for bunny locomotion is lolloping.
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In so far as none of those bunnies have a pancake on their head, I can not endorse this link.
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Sure, these are fantastic bunny gifs, perhaps the best I've ever seen. But are they really important? I don't see one that, for example, alludes to the origin story of Oolong, or reinvigorates the Bugs franchise. They're definitely good for teh lolz, but I'm looking for something deeper in my bunny gifs to truly manifest the most importance.
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This list did not have problem-solving rabbit, it is dead to me.
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Bunny #8 is playing the floor is lava game.
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Problem solving rabbit is my new spirit animal.
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No. The most important bunnies on the internet are Betty Chu's Bunnies.

Incidentally, I found out about Betty Chu's bunnies (the most important on the internet) via Metafilter, and I even cited it as the FPP that has stuck the most with me.
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I think I may have juuust found a loophole to the "No more cats! No dogs!" rule Mr. theBRKP imposed when I tested positive for allergies to cat and dog fur...
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I think I'm going to dig out my childhood copy of Watership Down and assigned gifs to each rabbit as I re-read it. Number 22 is going to be General Woundwort.

And then I'll have a new topic for my therapist next week. Can anyone else who read the book not look at bunnies and see bloody, painful, needless death?
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Nope. Sorry. Not definitive. BuzzDerf has done another half-assed collection that failed to include fifteen schnitz's 'problem-solving rabbit', as well as this one (two bunnies, one runs, one jumps).
And this one (runaround bun).
And this one (best 'mustache twitch' ever).
And this one (bunny vs. mouse - and who wins?).
And this one (lampshade bunny).
And this one (shake it, bunny!).
And this one (bun-per cars).
And this one (the most reposted bunny-petting gif on Tumblr).
And this one (turn around!).
And these (two buns, two cups?).
And these (bunny lady & the tramp?).
And this cartoon bunny (repeating the mission statement of BurpFeed).
And this kawaii noodle-bunny.
And these non-synchronized toon bunnies.
And this totally MetaFilter bunny.
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See what I mean, bunnies are what cats are supposed to be. Next to a bunny, you can finally see that cats are thankless, battle-worn members of Satan's army. I'm going to shit in your house, and you're going to scoop it up. And God help you the noises I will make if you don't spay me. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that cats belong in your apartment.
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Came here to say it, and jacquilynne had already pointed out the truth!
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The internet was made for five year olds.
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As a person who shares an apartment with three super-adorable rabbits (Mr. Apollo Fats, Jones McJones, and Hester "Dumple" Dumpling), I found myself nodding along with these .gifs. Mr. sc114 and I get to see some of this behavior on a daily basis! ESPECIALLY THE FLOPPING OH THE FLOPPING.
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Humping a balloon.
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33 bunnies goes by way too quickly.
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Cats don't 'get' bunnies.
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Problem Solving Rabbit's name is Kokomo, by the way, a fact I know because I basically just e-mail my wife cute animal pictures all day instead of working. I know you'd like a "Best of Kokomo 2011" video set to "Firework" so here's one for your enjoyment.
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I was enjoying this until I saw General Woundwort as number 14. (Yes, Watership Down did traumatize me as a kid, why do you ask?)
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And last night I was having a dream about adopting a bunny.... See, this is why I like them: they are surprisingly wacky.
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