The Pareto of our Discontent
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College football attracts a lot of rabid fans. Of late, college football (and football in general) has also attracted an increasing number of stats enthusiasts peddling increasingly obscure metrics to quantify success and failure. At MGoBlog, a popular Michigan fan blog, one intrepid poster has turned the statistics tools on the fanbase itself. A Season in Profanity details the usage of various swear words in open game threads. Among the relationships detailed are the usage of various colorful expressions by game, mood of the fan base by opponent, swearing efficiency, which coach(es) should be fired, and even the individual play outcomes that inspired the greatest amount of swearing. As it was kind of a rough season for the team, there was a substantial amount of data to comb through.

Previous entries include the half-season point and after games against Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa, and Ohio State.
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Also: Go Blue!
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I was at the MICH/PSU game in Happy Valley this year, and I can assure you I would have used a lot of those same words had we ended up on the wrong side of it after that many lead changes and overtimes. I saw a link from Black Shoe Diaries to one of the earlier profanity tracking posts at MGoBlog, and am glad to see they've enhanced their methodology as the season has gone on. I hope they continue to advance the state of the art in this field, and hope my team gives them plenty of source material in years to come.
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all this proves is that wolverines fans are not very spartan

(and WE beat ohio state)
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And we thank you for that.

By the way, did the East Lansing PD ever catch the "Burn the Couch" sign guy?
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So like supposedly the rivalry is all on the OSU side, since Michigan fans have nothing to complain about since as underdogs they always beat OSU.
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The Mathlete always develops interesting metrics. And Go Blue.
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Did someone say muck fichigan?
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So I'm going to go ahead and assume that the surprisingly low scores vs MSU are due to the fact that pure exasperation is unquantifiable.

Either way, this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
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(and WE beat ohio state)

Proves you're better than Michigan and Northwestern….you sure you want to brag about that?
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Yes. Yes we do want to brag. Because the look on Urban Meyer's normally smug face at the end of the game was just beautiful to see.
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Well the only stat I could find that I think is truly relevant is that the Grateful Dead indicator. They played Ann Arbor three times. Once, almost 42 years ago to the day on December 14, 1971 and then again at Crisler on April 5, 1989 and April 6, 1989. On all of those days there were 2,844 total instances of the word "hippy" used by local police, 2,218 uses of the phrase, "long-haired freak", 2,095 times someone held up a one finger and had a sign that said, "Need a Miracle" and 8,520 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches consumed.

However, they played Buckeye Lake at least 5 times that I can find, one time that I attended although my memory of that show involves more of the trip (ahem) to the Burger King drive-thru afterwards than the actual show.

But, while the GD indicator points to OSU, I can safely say that the most fun I had at a college football game was when I was one of maybe 10 people rooting for Virginia in the Big House. UVa had the lead the entire game until Griese drove Blue down the field for the winning touchdown with time almost expired. I think it saved my life.
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I like your style....but do you have to use so many cuss words?
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2,095 times someone held up a one finger and had a sign that said, "Need a Miracle"

in 1971?

you flunk deadology 101, sir
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