Emancipator or Oppressor?
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Emancipator or Oppressor? E.J. Dionne talks about how the global economy may not be as evil or as good as its respective supporters and detractors make it out to be. It seems like a pretty balanced look at a subject that gets horribly slanted coverage.
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Big day for posts and links to syndicated newspaper pundits from the WaPo (and one from the NY Times, which is at least an example of branching out in the diversity department), ain't it?
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i like that word, "glocalization." it's throaty!

i think the concept the author was describing is called comparative advantage, the theory behind the benefits of trade, and noting that the "advantage" ultimately comes from political, social and cultural institutions.

like i've read intel isn't too happy with the US educational system (i guess for science and engineering) so they're investing more in china, india and eastern europe.

i thought the article did a good job of pointing out how the global economy evolves out of all the decisions we make because we are (more) aware of what lies outside our borders. so it's not all deterministic and stuff.

also a good read was feed's globalization coverage, although it's sadly been discontinued. oh and the WSJ i think is really good, too. like today there were good articles on how madagascar is faring after congress passed the africa growth and opportunity act, "U.S. Trade Decision Brings Madagascar Money, Sweatshops", and saudi businesswomen, "For Saudi Women, Running a Business Is a Veiled Initiative". (surprisingly :) well-balanced reporting.
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