Mom's Spaghetti
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This Christmas, please remember the real reason for the season: a three-minute long Smash Mouth / Eminem mashup. Mom's Spaghetti, everybody.
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Inspired by Drexen's comment here, no doubt?
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There seem to be multiple versions of the Eminem tune having been altered to include excessive spaghetti (well, excessive to certain types of people, anyway), but for the life of me I have never managed to restumble upon the one version I really, really liked.

Every now and then I'm moved to search YouTube, but all the videos I find, though indeed full of spaghetti, seem only pale imitations.
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it's a 4chan copypasta meme, like Bel-Air. You tell a story that puts you in a humiliating situation which ends with you spilling spaghetti out of your pocket.
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More info.
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I first read this tweet at work, and laughed so hard I was quietly tearing up, so my co-workers didn't think I was nuts:

His palms spaghetti/knees weak arms spaghetti/Theres vomit on his spaghetti already, moms spaghetti. He’s spaghetti.

For some reason "he's spaghetti" just kills me. If someone could so a "spaghetti/spaghett" mashup I'd be into that, thx.
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> burst into Christmas treats
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More info.

This image got me kicked out of bed, on Christmas morning no less, because my uncontrollable giggling was annoying the other still-dozing occupant.
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I have no idea what's going on here, so I asked pentametron about spaghetti:
Forgot spaghetti noodles though...and cheese.
My Momma Always Got A Attitude ..
As are the swelling Adriatic seas.
Lasagna better than spaghetti #Food

I have a craving for spaghetti now.
It doesn't even matter anymore
@Francesco_Katy i'm a biscuit. Ciao :)
His legs were like spaghetti on the floor

@Spaghetti_Rican yeah exactly sigh
We didn't have spaghetti. Not okay.
When people take forever to reply..

No I'm the only reason you're a wake. (;
Lasagna is spaghetti flavored cake
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Lasagna is spaghetti flavored cake

*mind blown*
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Whenever I think of Smash Mouth I think about how mad I am he didn't actually eat all those eggs.
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"He keeps on spaghetting/what he wrote down," is sending me into hysterical, stupid fits of laughter.
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The spaghetti stuff is very funny, Smash Mouth adds absolutely nothing, and sounds ugly and bad, especially in the chorus.
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