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Oh I wish I had time to flesh this post out; Public Laboratory is an amazing organization. But I'm on the way out my door, so I'll just be tacky and drop a self-link to my blog post about making a balloon map of Dolores Park on a beautiful clear day. So much fun, citizen mapping is a great thing.
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Very cool stuff indeed. And an excuse for me to post a photo that's been stuck in my head for years. I just love this (partly because I love Mt. Diablo, photography and bicycles, and partly just because it's so cool.)

Loved the Occupy Oakland images in the linked map. Thanks!
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I found Public Laboratory via via An Unsolicited Design Review of Composting Toilets & Composting Methods (pdf) via Phlush's page on composting toilets. There's loads of neat stuff at Public Laboratory, indeed! And definitely check out this design review of composting toilets.
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I've been wanting to do this myself. I experimented with some rigs, but nothing I liked well enough to try to fly. Then summer ran out. Maybe next year.
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(To clarify, one of the two people from Cloacina is also one of the people from Public Laboratory.)
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Thanks for posting! I'm not on staff, but i'm an organizer for the Gulf Coast with public lab. we have a whole bunch of photos to stitch, so memail me if you want to help out!

Besides mapping, the whole kite photo thing is useful for busting polluters, too!
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I helped Stewart collect those Occupy Oakland images! The Lake Merritt one, too.
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"Wow, I can't believe there aren't any of Chicago! So I guess there's probably no chance there's a Burning Man one on here." Wrong!
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This. Is awesome. Thanks for posting.
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Yes, Public Lab is great tem to work with. I've found the people and tools inspirational and now organize with them. Here is recent example.
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Make that "team" not tem.
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