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Gou Miyagi does not skateboard how most people skateboard. previously
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also in the same vein: Beez
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Nice when there's a sense of humor and fun. Wish there was a video of Fred boarding.
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There's this one from a few years ago, in which things are bad as hell.
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I love it when skaters and bmxers play with the cultural norms. The tricks are great, have a sense of humor, and are still pretty difficult. There was some funny youtube comments where kids are saying "just do a 360 flip already" because they can't really process how not-normal the tricks he does are.
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This is the first time I've ever watched skating and thought it was actually cool. Everything else I've seen I can try to appreciate on an athletic level but this seemed to successfully express the attitude that the stereotypes try to embody.
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Unfortunately, anyone with the name Miyagi will remind me of Pat Morita's character in Karate Kid. He does kinda do a "wax on, wax off" with the board...
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I was doing this back before it was cool.
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Holy mackerel that's neat.
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This is the first time I've ever watched skating and thought it was actually cool
Yeah, me too. Great how the clip grabbed you from the beginning and drew you in. No shortage of skill or creativity on display, especially the latter quality. Very cool. Definitely worth watching.
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I am slowly (slooooooowly!) getting into skateboarding (it's been a matter of getting the right board/adjusting my board/etc.) but already I've noticed there's a weird machismo to a lot skating culture I find, as a woman, alienating at best and threatening at worst. I know that's not everyone and there's definitely people working hard to make it less so, but it's still a sport full of dudes all the way around.

Most skating videos seem to have this vibe of "Look at all this badass shit I can do! I'm tougher than you!" Gou Miyagi's skating seems to be "Look at how much fun I'm having! I thought it would be cool to go skate on that thing so I did!" There's an incredible amount of joy in it. It's playful and kind of silly. I find that much more appealing and like the kind of skating I want to do.

I mean, I'm a long way from doing any of that, but I decided to take up skating because it seemed like a blast (and exercise/transportation or something). It's nice to see videos expressing that side of it.
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I wonder if he has trained as a dancer? There is a lot of rhythm and flow in his movements.
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thank you!
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Oh man, I knew it was Okinawa as soon as I heard the whistling. Awesome video. Tremendously entertaining.
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This inspires me to take up skatboarding. That's all I will say.
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Big deal. Any amazingly-skilled board-ninja could do the same thing, while we pedestrians look on in awe. (How the hell did he hop his plank up those steps? Some sort of thrasher TK, I reckon.)
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Love this, so refreshing, also the crew bits. (Reminded me a little of the awesome urban flow & mischievousness of Bill Shannon.)
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It's like he's inhabiting skateboarding's negative space maaaaaaan...
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darksong don't get discouraged by the guy culture. It's less about guys per se and more about it being such a solitary endeavor. Skaters don't have coaches or fans or local sports reporters showing highlight reels on Friday night. Instead, skaters are about finding skate spots that police ignore, and having your board confiscated at school because it's not considered a valid mode of transport, and being considered a punk and a loser by shopkeepers and parents.

My kids are officially adults now and have been skating since their single-digit ages. They and their skater friends have experienced all of that and more. Even so, skaters have a fantastic culture of taking turns, making room for others, encouraging each other, sharing parts & tools, etc. All with no coaching or encouragement. It's an organic culture, and given their experience, not entirely open to newcomers regardless of gender. If you show up at a skate spot and just start skating, you'll be viewed as a beginning skater & the others will make room for you. If you take a break & sit back to watch a game of SKATE (equivalent to basketball's HORSE), you'll be halfway in. If you then try to mimic one of the tricks you saw in the game, you will probably be offered an impromptu lesson.

There aren't many women skaters but whatever the reason(s) for that, it's not because skaters are against them. As a skatermom I am glad you're taking it up!
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This is what skateboarding has been for me. I grew up skating in the shadow of Fisherman's just outside of Baltimore and there was this little kid named Bucky Lasek that ruled there. He went on to become one of the best ever.

Baltimore's skate culture was and continues to be very technical. My group, on the other hand, went about it for pure fun and flow. We entered a lot of contests and to this day we have a ton of 2nd and 3rd place trophies because the judges just didn't know how to score what we were doing. We did a lot of the same weird stuff because it used the terrain better and just felt good. These days I hit the ground and just kind of lay there. I don't bounce like I used to but it is great to see a new generation of transgressive skating. I love it!
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I'd like to think Mark Gonzalez is somewhere watching this right now and smiling
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Neato. You can tell he has some serious board control so it's not all gimmicky crap like some people might try to dismiss it as.
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