Psybrid Theory
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What you didn't realize you needed: Psybrid Theory. "Linkin Park’s entire first album, gangnamfied for your listening pleasure!" [Youtube playlist] (via)
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Two terrible tastes that sound abysmal together!
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The vile-lord summoned by this ritual of noise and excrement is named Vitok and demands the immediate capture and sacrifice of the ur-Bieber-Cyrus upon a torture instrument fashioned by Banksy and Matthew Barney from discarded Lady Gaga costumery. Thanks, Obama!
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"Pleasure" may be overstating things.
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Well, what happened here is, of course - now all of you must adjust your brains - the biggest work of art there has ever been. The fact that spirits achieve with one act something which we in music could never dream of, that people practise ten years madly, fanatically to mix Psy with Linkin Park. And then call it Psybrid Theory. [Hesitantly.] And that is the greatest work of art that exists for the whole Cosmos. Just imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on this single performance, and then five thousand people are driven to Heeeeey Sexy Laaaaady. In one moment. I couldn't do that. Compared to that, we are nothing, as composers. [...] It is a crime, you know of course, because the people did not agree to it. They did not come to the "concert". That is obvious. And nobody had told them: "These wounds, they will not heal."
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Holy shit, Sticherbeast! That is not only funny, but the source story is amazing! I had never come across it before. Thanks!
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Hey, at least if they join together in concert, we can nuke both of them from space with one small charge.
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Well, it's better than The Melvins
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I liked Gangnam Access Memories better.
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Huh. I kinda like it.
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Yeah, I kinda like it too.

It's really well done, must have taken ages.
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