Mad Science Museum: you'll be living on a diet of exclamation points
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The title comes from a line in the 1951 Colliers article, "What Scientists Believe." The full quote is "Hobnob with the scientists very long and you'll be living on a diet of exclamation points." I came across it from the Mad Science Museum post from that article, with snippets of various scientists talking about their belief in God.

And if you read the NPR interview on Boese's interest in weird science stories and wanted to know more about Benjamin Franklin electrocuting turkeys and resuscitating one with mouth-to-beak, here's an introduction to that anecdote, a bit on the reviving of the turkey, and an afterword about the accidental tenderizing of the turkey was noticed by French chefs.
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Allan Walker Blair's black widow bite experiment seemed inconclusive to me. Not enough sample data. I think somebody should use two female black widow spiders and hold them down for twice as long.
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Museum of Hoaxes used to be one of my favorite online haunts. Thanks for this post!
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