"Hello, I'm Henry Rollins."
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The late Jesse Morris covers Black Flag's "Six Pack"- in the idiom- and voice!- of Johnny Cash

After his death, the recordings he made toward a country album were put up on Bandcamp to benefit his family.
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If you like Cash, here is a lost tune recovered
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I've never heard such a dead ringer. And once again the kinship between good punk and good country shines on through.

Thanks for this - you made my day.
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Damn. Here he is doing Kris Kristofferson's Sunday Morning Coming Down. One of my favorite songs.
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Holy crap postroad, thanks for that! (I love that early-80s country sound. "Highwayman" still slays me.)
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That was great. Makes me wonder what Revenge and Depression would have sounded like.
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Uncannily good.
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I just finished a session of listening to Johnny Cash when this showed up; thanks for the serendipity and for the introduction. Sad that this talented young man is no longer with us.
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If you like Cash...

And if you don't, what the fuck is wrong with you, anyway?
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Whatever happened to Rollin's TV commercials from the mid 90's:

"You don't need guns. This is true."
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Ridiculous. I love this. Thank you.
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Here's Folsom Prison Blues.
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Fantastic! Thanks for the post.
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I'm now convinced that this song is actually a Black Flag cover of an unreleased Johnny Cash song.
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I started listening to that "Sunday Morning..." cover, and my 3-year-old's head popped up immediately. "Daddy, that's Johnny Cash! Let me hear!"

My 3-year-old loves Johnny Cash, and asks for him by name when looking for music in the car.

My 3-year-old is kinda awesome. :)

I never had a chance to hear Jesse in person, but he was an amazingly talented kid.

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@Halloween Jack: Do you have any context or background on that picture?
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Awww, this makes me sad. I used to see Jesse most mornings at the BART station, and his music always cheered me up, as did his amiable grin when I dropped a dollar or two into his case.
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xena: this is one fan's recounting of a Rollins spoken word routine on meeting Cash. Not as good as the original source but I remember listening to that routine once and it sounds about right.
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