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I'm the world's oldest wing walker. I was 82 when I performed my first wing walk – standing on top of a plane while it's in flight. Looking back, that seems relatively young.
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And there goes my afternoon...
posted by SisterHavana at 2:45 PM on January 18, 2014

God, fucking Guardian Experience.

I'm going to write one. It's going to be "I obsessively check the Guardian website every Saturday to find out what the Experience is this week, and then sometimes I'm impressed and delighted and other times I'm rolling my eyes so hard because it gets so painfully Guardianista."

I saved a man from drowning himself delights me with just the surreal bits he throws in.
I taught a homeless man to code makes me want to punch people.
posted by Katemonkey at 2:59 PM on January 18, 2014 [3 favorites]

Christ, I'm obsessed with the Guardian Experience.

Here are some more that I love:
I was a secret nude model
I punched a bear
Laughing could kill me
I'm a championship arm wrestler
I didn't leave my house for a decade
I am a hermit

Here are the ones that make me roll my eyes for being so very Guardian:
I was a sperm donor for my friends
I gave birth outside Waitrose
I inherited a da Vinci
I went in search of a kung fu master
I ran a brothel in a country village
I couldn't leave my cat behind

But my all-time favourite still has to be I've worn the same outfit as my husband for 35 years because it totally buries the lede about how the husband in question is Donald Featherstone and that they are both ri-fucking-diculously awesome.
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Great stuff, thanks for the post!
posted by languagehat at 6:17 AM on January 19, 2014

"Same outfit" is my fave, too. When I first read it, the following paragraph made me laugh so much I almost choked to death on a slice of black pudding:
We once saw Dr Ruth, the TV psychiatrist, in a department store. She was making her way over to us – probably to comment on our matching coats and hats – but we eluded her. It's one thing to get negative comments from strangers but quite another to have unwanted psychological suggestions, implying dependency issues or something similar.
posted by jack_mo at 10:56 PM on January 19, 2014

"The fear was nothing compared to the excitement."
I hate these people, like insomniacs hate sleepers: i think for every single experience, i could say, "The excitement was nothing compared to the fear." Yet because i therefore have to live a super-safe life (how much anxiety does anyone need? I get palpitations from fear the bus won't turn up) i have problems with boredom and feeling like life is meaningless because there's not enough unpredictableness in it (unexpected letters are about my maximum). Jealousy, thy name is etc.
posted by maiamaia at 12:17 PM on January 20, 2014

Read the drowning one: the RNLI are amazing. Video link to amazing work they did (it's not just feelgood although it's that too, it's beautiful and all-round ace).
posted by maiamaia at 12:21 PM on January 20, 2014

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