Where the road ends
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Where the road ends Recently at The Atlantic offices, we decided to take a simulated road trip using Google Street View, stopping only where we could go no further. Our virtual travels took us from the fields of Italy to the fjords of Norway and the tip of South Africa. We had such a great time at the edges of the world, we made a video out of it. (From the folks at the Atlantic news site)
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That was fun. I wish they had noted where those "in between" stretches of road were.
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Whoa, they have Street View in Svalbard? And it's on snowmobiles?! I found this ship stuck in the snow.
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The road mainly ends where the mountains start, it seems.
posted by Segundus at 10:27 AM on January 19, 2014

That's really cool although the real story here is the script that allows anyone to make hyperlapse animations here.
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"The Road goes ever on and on..."
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I'm with jeremias: that hyperlapse animation script looks insanely cool. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work on my machine, and I fear the script may have died from exposure (is Google enthusiastic about having millions of users doing hyperlapse videos via StreetView scraping?). Has anyone had any luck getting the script to run?
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No offense to jeremias, but I think the "real story" is the cool places themselves. Watching this makes me yearn to travel to some of them.
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I was able to get hyperlapse working via Chrome. Seems like placing your A/B points less than 5 miles apart is the way to go.
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pravit: "I found this ship stuck in the snow."
That's on purpose (wiki).
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aww, this reminds me of Address is Approximate (previously), except without the sentient office toys.

Rather funny that a fantastic concept for dreams that emerged two years ago now has tools to implement the dream in reality. The iterative loop on our imagination gets a little tighter.
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