Have Yourself Photoshopped While You Wait. Er, Sing.
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Starting out make-up free, looking tired and with her hair unstyled, the singer is digitally retouched in front of our eyes, transformed in just a few minutes into a glamorous beauty. Hungarian singer Boggie, real name Csemer Boglarka, has posted her latest music video, for her song "Nouveau Parfum", in which she is Photoshopped in 'real time'.

A analysis over at the Daily Mail sheds more light on the singer, the song, the video and the statement being made by them.
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I got the impression that for the most part this is just various stages of makeup application, masked out to give the impression of being applied in real time via software.
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As the commenters point out, that's not Photoshop any more than Walker's recall was progressive.

But with respect to the ongoing conversation about body-image manipulation: to my mind the problem with most edits is that the graphic artists are tasteless. I believe you *could* make artful, honest choices about how to enhance any image of anyone, but it's like ethics in silicone valley or a good plot in Hollywood: nope.
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That was surprisingly journalism like, for the daily mail. Cool video as well. I was surprised about the eye. Although I couldn't quite tell --- it looks to me like they applied make up to her in reality as well.
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Boggie also did a version in Hungarian as well, it seems to be nearly identical except for the sections where she is singing. I found it more interesting to hear the lyrics in two different languages. This video has been a good bit of PR for her, this video has popped up on nearly every website I frequent.
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An animate object: retouching is largely invisible, you only notice the tasteless and artless and over the top.
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I feel like the loose cannon shock appeal of these displays is causing friendly fire. "Photoshop" has become some sort of trigger word for people who are outraged that tasteless creatives make tasteless work.
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The song is pretty catchy! But I'm a sucker for driving orchestral ballads.

Meanwhile, I've decided Hungarian is actually Elvish.
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Meanwhile, I've decided Hungarian is actually Elvish.

I think it's Finnish which is actually Elvish, but Finnish and Hungarian are the same language family, so, yeah.
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If German is the language of yelling in rage, I'm told Hungarian is the language of tenuous civility and veiled threats.

(At least when I speak it, which is not very often.)
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Italian the language of arguing, Portuguese the language of seduction, French the language of post-prandial pillow talk...
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Hungarian is best for swear words about horse genitals and talking shit about me in front of my face. (Former: my husband, latter: my MIL).
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I'm no expert but as well as make-up etc I think at least some of this (ie some of the lightening) is just the standard grading that any raw video would get to make it broadcast quality
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Yeah -- I have to admit being annoyed with how DARK it was in the beginning. I wanted to scream "LIGHT THIS PROPERLY". Still, pretty interesting, even though I imagine it is mostly just makeup+masking, with some additional retouching.
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I wanted to scream "LIGHT THIS PROPERLY".

Yeah - as I was watching I thought to myself that most of the "effects" were the sort of thing that could be accomplished with lighting and makeup.

And believe me, if you can accomplish something with lighting and makeup DO THAT FOR THE LOVE OF PETE. Even though tricksy video makes it all look easy, correcting things that could have been taken care of IRL is a humungous pain in the tuchis.
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Oh man - EXAMPLE. I just had a discussion with a friend, who is a talented professional filmographer/videographer.

She just shot a music video for a mutual friend of ours. Said friend happens to have long, sort of curly flyaway hair.

She just told me she has to rotoscope around his head because of the way his frizzies caught the light. Frame. by. frame.

For something that could have been solved in five minutes with product.
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