80 Years of The Apollo
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What do Bill Bailey, The Supremes, James Brown, Bill Cosby, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Michael Jackson, and Barack Obama have in common? They've all played The Apollo. Flavorwire links 10 classic performances from the Apollo Theatre to celebrate its 80th birthday. Notably absent is the 1983 performance by Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn.
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I loves me some Shooby. Doo doo rah!
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Bill Cosby is amazingly funny. Amazon Prime has all of the old Fat Alberts available, and if you're a 40-something, you remember them as terrible. You remember them as chesey, corny and lame.

Go back and watch. Just watch.

You will be five years old again, and realize, YES, the stories were great! YES! The character designs are bleeding edge cool in ways Cartoon Network falls all over itself for, and done effortlessly. YES, the jokes are repetitive and you can see them from a mile off, and you still laugh.

Yes, Fat Albert is someone you want to grow up to be like. Fat Albert is the dad we all deserve.

You will wonder why on earth you ever thought this was terrible. It's because you grew up. You learned what you needed to learn from Bill and the Junkyard Gang and the Broooooowwwwwwwwn Hornet!!!! - and you moved on.

I let my little girl watch all of them, until she got tired of them. She will smile up at me every now and again, and go, "Hey hey hey!"

We laugh. We loved that show!

Thanks, Bill.
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More Shooby, for your Human Horn needs

OK. That satisfied some of my Human Horn needs.
But I'm a very needy person.

I guess what I'm saying is:

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Legendary NYC DJ Frankie Crocker flubs the intro a bit, and then a white band, led by an albino, walks on the stage.

You hear the crowd go from a loud cheer to a "Whaaaaa????"
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