Hank shot first!
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A long time ago, on a prairie far, far away... Custom-made Star Wars action figures, re-cast as Wild West heroes and villains.
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Star Wars is fun when it's paired with imagination!
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Human R2-D2 is unusually reminiscent of an ugnaught...
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You're weird, which results in creativity.

The site's home page also shows some of the other themes the guy's done, like film noir, samurai, and steampunk (which probably have been mentioned here before). It looks like some but not all also have character descriptions.
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This kind of thing makes Star Wars fun again.
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Looking at the post, it seemed to be begging for a Firefly joke. Reading the link... so, basically Firefly then?

Great link, btw. I just miss Firefly is all.
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I'm really surprised this hasn't been on Metafilter before. Sillof is amazing. Don't miss his shot for shot remake of the original Star Wars using action figures, or his figures from Terry Gilliam movies!
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His WWII figures are fantastic, I would totally watch the adventures of Capt. Hank Solowski and 1st Lt. Chuck Backer. That R2 is perfect, too.

More reimagined pop culture! This really great Game of Thrones/feudal Japan mashup's been making the rounds this week. Spoilers, though.
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I liked the other themes, too. But I especially liked the Wild West theme because Sillof put some thought into rendering such characters as R2-D2, Chewbacca and the Stormtroopers as the types of characters you'd actually find in a traditional Wild West serial. I mean, Hank Solowski's all well and good, but including Chuck Backer kind of ruins the verisimilitude.
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Go Chewing Bear! Grrrrrrreat stuff!
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Still more previously
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I thought Star Wars already was a wild-west movie.
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