Dubbel Dutch: "I think we need more [musical] schizophrenics"
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Marc Glasser started making electronic music when he was a teenager, and now produces music under the name Dubbel Dutch and releasing it most often on the eclectic Mixpak label, whose general sound often leans towards weird takes on reggae riddims. But as Glasser mentioned in a 2010 interview, he has been "opening up to music from everywhere. Cumbia, dancehall, kuduro, South African house, Dutch bubbling, Bmore club, Chicago juke and footwork*, old skool jungle and hardcore, garage, UK Funky and all that mingles with, or shares influences with, these sounds." What does this "schizophrenic" collage of musical styles sound like? Start with Self Help Riddims and the title track video, Self Help Riddim, then go from there.

Dubbel Dutch doesn't have a ton of music out, at most clocking in around 2 hours of original compositions, so you can bolster that with some of his mixes and remixes. But first let's get into those genres he cites: Now you might be saying, "that's a ton of music to fit into 120 minutes of production, how does it all fit?" Here you can listen to everything Glasser has done as Dubbel Dutch, in an attempt at a chronological discography:

2008: Infinite Decimal (Daily motion, single)
2009: Trollsta (YouTube minimix)
2010: Throwback EP - Throwback, Deep Underground, Fool In You
2010: B Leave single (Bandcamp)
2010: Pulso (from the Untold/Dubbel Dutch split)
2011: Hymn EP (Soundcloud previewl; tracks: Open Up, Darq, Hymn)
2012: Self Help Riddims EP (Soundcloud)
2013: Cloud Club EP (Soundcloud), featuring "air horns and cheesy brass," blending "good-time melodies of dancehall" with "trance motifs."

And the mixes...
2010: Austin Mix
2011: Slow Club Mix
2012: Afro-House Mix
2013: Cloud Club Mix
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I have a complicated relationship with EDM. Thanks for this.
posted by humboldt32 at 3:36 PM on February 1, 2014

Awesome post. Self Help Riddim is one of my favorite dance tunes in years-- I wish it were more influential! Ahead of its time...
posted by chaz at 4:22 PM on February 1, 2014

One of my favorite producers and DJs (and a delightful human being in general). I still listen to his mix of slowed down jersey club tunes with some regularity.
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wow, gonna have to dig through these. thanks!
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That video exactly reflected my own self-help practice of meditating on expensive cars, exotic travel destinations, women and iguanas! What are the chances?
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I'm enjoying this. Since Cumbia was mentioned as an influence, this seems like a good place to mention DJ Zhao's fantastic Cumbiatronic mix (number 17 in his Ngoma series), of modern and mostly-electronic takes on Cumbia. I think I first heard of DJ Zhao here on MeFi.
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Mod note: One comment deleted. There's a Metatalk post in progress for anyone who would like to specifically discuss the problem usage of the word "schizophrenic" in the post/article. Thanks.
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