So yeah, don't even worry about it, it's just an e-card, not a big deal
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Just in time for Valentine's Day, Scarleteen launches rad e-cards for "hookups or friends with benefits, open or poly relationships, friendships, sexually exclusive relationships, exes turned friends, and even the love relationship one has with oneself." Art by Isabella Rotman.
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One of my oldest friends with the worst luck in life ( but lucky in love and cards) said that he really only wanted to be someone's boyfriend on Thursdays cause that was the only day he had free and Saturday/Sunday/Monday's where for his husband who kept up the home.

And it seemed to work for them.
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These are a lot sweeter than I expected.
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The one for open and poly relationships actually seems targeted at the foot-fetish crowd, which I promise you is another deal entirely.
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One of the people on the open relationship card literally has 2 left feet (the big tooooooes).

Other than that, it makes me happy to see options for non-traditional relationships.
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It would be nice if there was a poly card for people who, you know, actually love a specific number of individual people ... rather than just wanting to fuck an indeterminate number of people
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(Ah, sorry, just saw that it's more sort of aimed at sex ed/awareness-raising for teens rather an earnest attempt to provide cards for poly people)
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These are so great! I WANT MOAR!
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bicyclefish: "The one for open and poly relationships actually seems targeted at the foot-fetish crowd, which I promise you is another deal entirely."

Ain't nothin' wrong with poly...dactyly.
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Oh these are just adorable.
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Also, printable Consent Valentines: "Bee Mine. But only if you want to."
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I was disappointed by the poly one. The joke was obvious and unfunny, and I couldn't figure out who they though a person would send it to. A card about "you...and you...and you..." isn't meant for an individual. Am I imagined to be in a relationship with a group of people so interchangeable that I can send a single card to all of them at once, expressing exactly the same sentiment?

I know, it's just a joke and I'm overthinking it. But I was hoping for better.

It would be cool to have a line of real cards for poly and other non-traditional relationships, but these kinds of relationships take so many forms that creating a card that could be bought and sent by enough people to turn a profit would be hard. Perhaps a custom greeting-card service a la David Dickerson's Greeting Card Emergency would work.

I got a homemade card for my last birthday that said, "I can't imagine a better girlfriend for my girlfriend." That was awesome and lovely.
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I liked a lot of the other ones, though. The ex who has become a friend, for instance, is a nice one. The long-distance relationship one is cute. And I liked the friend-love one because I love that this thing that I have always experienced very intensely has become a Known Thing that people talk about.
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...I've seen about three of these that I could use. (And there is no way in ALL THE NINE HELLS I'm going to tell anyone which ones.)
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I had a note from Scarleteen's Heather Corinna who asked me to drop in the following -- they are going to make one more for poly, leaving the other one more for open/singlehood:
"I had an initial concept for poly I think is sweeter and better, and clearly, our try to kind of lump all those things in one card was a bit of a flop. Want to do right by poly folks, especially young poly folks, and given my history, it's also obviously personal, not outside my own life. We hear folks, and will make another we hope will better fit the bill."
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