Zoo giraffe killed - genes "well represented" in breeding program
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Denmark zoo officials get death threats for euthanizing a healthy giraffe to prevent inbreeding. The giraffe's carcass was dissected and fed to the zoo's big cats in front of zoo visitors. Danes defend the zoo's decision, but much of the rest of the world is outraged. Was the zoo justified in their actions, or was this a case of sloppy conservation?
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The lions didn't seem to mind.
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Do people who send death threats to "killers" of various sorts really miss the irony of their actions that much?

"You think you're a tough killer of thing? Well, let me show you some tough killing!"
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I don't really feel the outrage, and I'm not Danish, so count me out of "the rest of the world". I'm not really qualified to comment on proper breeding of giraffes, but some animal or other would have to die to feed the big cats. So what makes the death of a cow different from the death of a giraffe?
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Cute-animal-only conservationism is pretty terrible.
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