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Comcast + TWC = WTF? The $45 billion merger announced Thursday might be a win for both companies, but it will be no victory for their combined 30 million customers, who are already among the least-happy customers in all of Corporate America.
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Short NFLX and kiss the SEC network goodbye.
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This big gray noisy box in my living room with the plastic remote featuring 200 buttons, slow as hell internet speeds, DVR working intermittently makes me SO ANGRY that I'm paying $170 per month for it.

I lived in France for a while, and even though France is known not to be very innovation/disruptor friendly, a company called 'free' completely revolutionized TV/internet offerings by having a phone/TV/hi-speed internet combo for less than 30 euros per month... And they kept adding more features regularly and improving their service.

The US is ready for a competitor to kill these dinosaurs.
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