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Valentine's Day means the latest edition of Hudson Mohawke's annual mix of gooey '80s pop, soul and RnB: Slow Jams VII. You can also listen to all five hours of Slow Jams I-VII, which also has separate links to each mix.
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I've known Hudmo personally for a loooong time, so good to see the ex-super fat nerd go from his sad, lonely bedroom studio to a pimped up, porn-star filled penthouse. He's a lovely and talented guy and deserves all the good things coming to him.
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Is his name a reference to the (some would say deservedly) obscure late-1980s Bruce Willis vehicle Hudson Hawk?
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Who is Hudson Mohawke (by which I don't mean "who the hell is Hudson Mohawke?" but "sounds like an interesting story, tell me more")?
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rodii - If you're looking for basic info, HudMo is a musician from Glasgow. Part of Warp Records and LuckyMe recording crew. I guess the name comes from the Willis movie as acb mentioned. Recently he's collaborated with Kanye. Also makes music with another artist Lunice as the duo TNGHT.

HudMo's YT channel
Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5 (YT)
TNGHT - Higher Ground (YT; starts with loud vocal sample so watch your volume)
Previous MeFi thread from 2010 exploring his and others' style of music back then.
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The moniker comes from an engraving on a statue in his old Glasgow university digs, although he later discovered that it's also the name of a river confluence in New York State – "So it's quite cool, it means there's a Hudson Mohawk Kayaking Club"
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That's right, baby. Why you throwing things at me like that?
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This is awesome, thanks!
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I can recognize a lot of the interstitial explosions and gunshots from classic video games, but I can't quite place them. Can anyone else?
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Awesome. His 2009 album "Butter" is one of my favorite things - sparkling, glistening, strange, flavorful, and fantastic if you spread it around on a dance floor or in a party. It's a well-named record.
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I should have made some sort of jam/butter pun in the post title. I listen to Rustie's album a lot more frequently than HudMo's releases, but Butter is great fun.
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