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Patron Saints Index I used to live in Bolivia, where they have an annual Day of the Dog celebration in honor of Saint Roch. It was while searching the Internet for the date of this event (August 16), I stumbled across this comprehensive site on the history and patronage of the Saints.
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Oh, and before you ask: Gertrude of Nivelles is the Patron Saint of cats. Her day is March 17, so now you have something to celebrate even if you opt to skip this guy's parade.
posted by Shadowkeeper at 2:43 PM on January 9, 2002

Interesting stuff... I didn't realize there were quite so many Teresas/Thereses out there, and I suspect some of the stuff I've read is a bit syncretistic. Hmm.
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Yea, Teresa seems to be a big name. Often times when men/women join the Religious Life, they take a Saint's name. When my aunt became a nun, she took the name Sister Mary Walter when her real name is Katherine. She has gone back to her orginal name of Katherine now, but its just to show it is very commen for Priets/Nuns take Saint's name's (look at the Popes) resulting in a lot of repitition. OK, this is a pointless post so i'll stop now.
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My all-time favorite: Saint Christina the Astonishing. She would climb trees and buildings, jump into freezing rivers and hide in ovens, to avoid the smell of human sin. She's the patron saint of madness.
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May St. Isidore of Seville bless all the Metafilterians.
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See also "Saints Preserve Us!" by Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers. Fun!
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