The Whitecard Game
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An occupational safety training videogame for construction workers with horrifying accident simulation.

I recommend the teacher resources cheat sheet for the quiz questions, which can be pretty specific and difficult.

There's a video here but it will ruin some of the surprises.
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"This guy is getting lifted up by the forklift! If you see people doing stuff like this, let me know straight away so I can grab my camera."
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This looks so much better than the typical training where you either sleep (presentation to group), sign that you read a binder that you actually didn't (When the pass those binders of safety/MSDA stuff around) or press next 300 times then randomly answer the quiz questions until you get it right (most interactive e-learning software.)

I've had supervisors recommend the second two techniques as viable options for training.
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Baw daw baw bah dow doww...
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Obligatory link to the Forklift Driver Klaus video (starts slow but worth watching through)
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Pro Tip:

The BFG-9000 is under the floor panel in the third locker from the right.

Fire-rate is poor, but excellent Damage Rating.

Well done. You have identified and neutralized threat: Foreman, George "Alcohol-Free Work Site" Franklin.

Well done. You have identified and neutralized threat: Building Inspector, John "Nitpicker" Smith.

Well done. You have identified and neutralized threat: Co-Worker, Sam "Non-Union" Sampson
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Ironically, this is blocked at work. I feel compelled to staple my hand to the desk.
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I read that as "neutralized threat: Foreman, George"

That is a different game, I think.
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Give me your hand, Kerchunk, Kerchunk
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It's a nice concept but obviously isn't well playtested. We gave it a try and couldn't get past the first accident (missing scaffold piece). We tried different combinations of dealing with the hazard, all of which seemed correct, and the supervisor kept saying it was wrong. No hints, no ability to move on, no indication of which part of the question was wrong. After about trying over 30 times to come up with the correct answer we ended up having to exit the game.
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EDIT: Found the cheat sheat above.. we're having another crack at it.
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That video was great. I thought the best part was where the generator shorts out, dude catches on fire (maybe stop using pure alcohol as aftershave?) runs around, falls from the second storey of the building (STILL ON FIRE - how metal is that!!), on to a slope that bounces him in to a ditch filled with water.
If they had any planning sense, they would've put the first aid station down by the ditch so the medics just have to fish them out of the water.
In short - the building is not set on fire by a burning employee and the medics don't have to worry about putting out Mr Flamey. A win-win situation.
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But apparently the game concludes by the building burning down after all of the employees have safely evacuated and assembled at the meeting point. Why did we try to build this building anyways? Is this truly success? Should our goal in life actually be safety, safety in all the things, and the attempt to build a building just a blank canvas on which we express our struggle for meaning and for safety with placards and personal protective equipment?

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
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You know, given that there appears to be a pre-dug mass grave out back, I don't think "safety" is actually on the minds of whoever is spearheading this construction project.
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The building is razed so all the workers turn in unison to the next building and begin the work anew: order must be imposed on the landscape, nature must be tamed, the vision must be realized.

Monuments to glory are always commissioned by the leaders, designed by the architects and built by the workers, all at great cost in money, resources and lives. They are used for a while until they fall into ruin and then the next leader commissions the next architect to order the next worker to build the newest monument on the bones of the old. It is ever thus: regime, design, and monument will always fall, as they have fallen since recorded memory.

"We do not learn from experience; we make decisions patently against our own interest, and when they don't work we self-destructively make them all over again. Shrunken in vision and sensitivity, we move monolithically, straight ahead, like the ancient dinosaur who could not learn, blind even to our own dinosaurian movements.*"

* Rollo May, "Love and Will"
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How can there be absolutely no solution where one of the things to do is call emergency services? Dude has his neck broken, and we can only call the supervisor? Why wouldn't I be on the phone with EMS to be advised what to do?
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