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"Well, I did it. This is THE lowest possible score you can finish [Super Mario Bros.] with (without continuing)." via
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Totally worth watching if only for the point at 3:08 where Mario spends about ten seconds sizing up a jump which [spoiler] does not end well.
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Like a dog trying to get on a bed.
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You have to be very good to be that bad.
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Kill him, you fool!
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Pacifist Mario! I could feel my muscles twitch while that player missed each obvious jump/kill combo, but overall it was a very smooth run.
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I think it's worth it for the moment where he goes beyond the Warp Zone in 4-2, goes down the pipe and ends up not where you'd expect him to go. He's taking advantage of a bug in the game regarding vine and pipe destinations.
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The skill of timing the jumps over the areas in 8-1 where there are coins over a big gap, or managing to beat the Hammer Brothers by standing next to them, makes this person better at video games than I ever will be. Yeesh.
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Hey, the Warp Zone to level 8 is in a different place in my version.

And, I don't know HOW the player was able to stand not killing that fireball-throwing cloud thing. I HATE that thing.
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No Elly it's in the same place. He's taking advantage of a glitch.

Super Mario Bros. internally encodes bonus area destinations in terms of screens, which are determined by the scroll. The Warp Zone area is right before a bonus coin pipe. If you can get forward on the screen without scrolling it, you can get to the pipe and enter it before the screen has scrolled forward enough to change the room destination from the Warp Zone to the coin room. Neat!
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And yes, ol' Lakitu/Jugem is responsible for a lot of thrown controllers.
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And the difficulty of making the 8-1 jump that he dies at the first time is discussed in the description of the video. Quoting:
How tough is that jump in 8-1? Well, the timing of the liftoff, the duration of holding the jump button, and the timing of the wall jump are all frame perfect. NES games run at 60 frames per second, which means all the necessary inputs need to be timed within 1/60 of a second. In addition, the starting position before running I used not only has to be on the right pixel, but also the x sub-pixel has to fall within a certain range (technical stuff blah blah blah). In short, it's a pretty annoying jump.
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The amount of effort and skill to accomplish so little is astounding. I can't believe it took someone nearly 29 years to think of this way to win the game.
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That's what I call a low carbon footprint!

Fearless in the face of Hammer Bros, yet suspended, inanimate coins bring hesitation.
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I liked watching Mario cheer after he succeeded on the 8-1 jump.
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That was one of the tensest videos I ever saw. I know when I encountered most of the enemies (hammer dudes, wing koopas) I had the reflex to jump instead of run under them.
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Really is amazing skill. I had no idea you even could glitch out a wall jump in SMB, that's crazy.

It reminds me of a comment from someone on MeFightClub about playing Spelunky trying to get the low scorer achievement, which "effectively turns every piece of treasure into a spike trap". Here's one of several recordings of people doing it.
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I did this same exact speed run a few years ago on my DS! World 8 is practically impossible to get through without killing a hammer brother or de-winging a koopa paratroopa. Also, you have to measure out that jump at 3:08 because of the goombas lurking on the other side. The point is to inch over just enough so you can watch them fall off that cliff. I don't think I got as few as 500 points, though now I'm obviously going to have to try it.

When it comes to mastering SMB, it helps if your parents got you the NES but never ever bought you any games for it. Which makes me wonder if anyone has ever attempted this level of gameplay with Duck Hunt.
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That went against everything that's been ingrained into me. I--I had no idea that all along I was programmed to be a killer.
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It's useful if you're small Seymour, but the timing to run under the Hammer Bro. is surprisingly tight. Mario can't just dart beneath him from a standstill, he has to accelerate, meaning you have to start running the moment he leaps. The Hammer Bros. are one of Miyamoto's most diabolical design achievements, there's several ways to get by them, but they're all pretty difficult unless you have the fireballs. And those are a power-up resource, so sometimes you'll have them when you get to the enemy and sometimes you won't, varying the difficulty each time.
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the difficulty of making the 8-1 jump

I love the little burst of "victory jumps" he does after the second (successful) attempt.
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Sort of Related

I'm too impatient to find it or watch it through, but in this video the "Playfun" machine learning algorithm finds the collision detection "glitch" that allows that wall jump on 8-1 (which I've done plenty of times by accident or subconsciously when "speed running" before they called it that, but never on purpose) and also shows another similar glitch where Mario can appear to collide with an enemy but as long as he's moving downward during the collision, the enemy dies and Mario reigns supreme.
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The most frustrating thing about the badassery of Hammer Brothers is that once you figure out how to become one of them in SMB3, it's pretty boring and pointless and just kind of sucks compared to the other suits. I bet there were some badasses out there who could prove me plenty wrong, and it was kind of fun with a turbo controller to spew hammers like a mofo, but not that fun IIRC.
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The great thing about Mario 3's Hammer Bros suit is getting to Bowser with one and killing him with hammers.
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Oh yeah, I think it inflicted mega damage on all koopa bosses IIRC...and killed things made out of stone that would otherwise try to crush you and ghosts and whatnot. OK, it was badass
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If you beat an airship boss with the hammer suit on, the king would say funny stuff to you afterward. He said funny stuff if you finished with the frog suit too, but I could hardly ever pull that off (but when I could, it was so very sweet).

There's something so soothing about this video. I'll try watching it next time I need to calm down. I play this game in a similar rhythm and I also frequently avoid conflict (just like in real life!), and watching this actually felt like listening to an old favorite song. I don't have anywhere near this kind of skill though, of course; the jump in 8-2 was just breathtaking.
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Tanooki suit too.
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He handled the Hammer Bros. better than I ever could. Plus the evil cloud fucker didn't even seem to faze him. +1! Nice run!!!
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Also as a tool-assisted speedrun with lots of entertaining jumping. And mentioned in passing in an earlier thread.
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I think it took him less time to beat the whole game than I would have taken me to get through the first 2 levels.

How did he jump over all of those biting pipe plants without dying?
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It reminds me of a comment from someone on MeFightClub about playing Spelunky trying to get the low scorer achievement, which "effectively turns every piece of treasure into a spike trap".

I love how having a different objective for games like SMB and Spelunky completely changes the way you play the game. I've managed to get most of the achievements in Spelunky and playing to beat Hell is completely different from playing to get a sub-8:00 time. Just now, I was at the exit of level 4-3 and $3,500 short of making the $500,000 achievement when a Croc Man teleported into me and instantly killed me, after 40 minutes of ghostrunning several different levels. Gah! So frustrating.
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I feel like this is what I would do if I were an Italian plumber who had been dropped in a world with big question mark boxes, mushrooms that make you grow, and brown blobby things with eyes.

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That was surprisingly suspenseful to watch. And entertaining!
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I first played this game in 1985 or 86. I have never made it all the way through and, now that I'm in my 40s, I probably never will. I'm always amazed by people who play this well because I really suck at video games.

That doesn't stop me from playing on my Wii a few times a month. I love this game.
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Pretty cool. I've never gone for a score this low. The wall jump, like mentioned before, has happened, but usually a chance occurence.

I play 4-1 almost exactly the same, but I get the coins. Same with the flying fish levels, just don't stop running and you will find that the fish just jump into your feet and keep you bouncing.

Hammer Bros. snuggling works best if you are small, some of the more forward ones will get you on the forehead if you are large and not ducking.

In my old age, I can't even beat the game in a speed-run reliably now, so I think a 500 game would just frustrate me, but this guy is pretty damn good. I only counted 3 glitches: The 4-2 pipe switcharoo, the 8-1 double jump and 8-4 wall pipe.

Incidentally, the non-TAS record is just under 5 minutes, and this guy got it in 8.5 with 1 death, extra delays (like those 3 goombas on the cliff in 4-2, the various Hammer Bros.). Even with the running down the clock, thats some pretty impressive work, considering he didn't get a coin, item, or touch an enemy.
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Dodging hammers, animated GIF form
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