It's Action, Reaction, Diffusion Interaction
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Reaction-diffusion reactions used to design housewares, puzzles, and more. If you want to experiment yourself, you might get some ideas from the demos at WebGL Playground or you might use this brief intro as a jumping-off point.
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Roll the blobs!
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I thought for a sec you said "Rob the blobs!" And that, too, would be kind of apropos, robbing natural systems of their secrets....
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Cool. Thanks.
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I think Nervous System was one of the first folks to build a business model on 3D printing. Not sure they still operates at this scope, but you used to be able to design your ring or other jewelry by playing with some of the cell parameters.
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Nice! Thanks!
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Some of the cell based designs can be played with here
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Nervous System Cell Cycle: create your own 3d printed jewelry. I don't think it's a reaction-diffusion system, more of a physics based system, but in that it's generative organic forms it's in the same wheelhouse. They're an amazing company, both the web tools and the final jewelry products. I've bought a few as gifts and am very happy with the material quality (and, of course, the design).

I've seen the Hyphae Lamps (or other lamps) in person at the MoMA store and they are gorgeous, particularly lit from inside.

Some of Alan Turing's last work was on reaction-diffusion systems.
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Oh I forgot, they also have the Radiolara interactive app for designing jewelry on another system. Again, not really reaction-diffusion, but similar feel.

Their online apps were some of the first consumer uses of WebGL I've seen. It's really a phenomenal bit of browser programming. Not to mention the 3d printing. (Can you tell I'm a fanboy?)
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There was a related post about reaction-diffusion systems here on the blue in October: Getting trippy with simulated chemicals
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This one does a rainbow liquid effect. My son (born in 2002) saw it and started singing the melody to "Yummy Yummy Yummy".
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I too came in here to commend the poster on the title
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"Action reaction, reaction again..."
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Play with it in Real Life with Belousov-Zhabotinsky reactions!
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