Music From The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Pitchfork is streaming the soundtrack to Wes Anderson's upcoming movie The Grand Budapest Hotel (previously).

Further: "Anderson co-produced the soundtrack with longtime music supervisor Randall Poster. It features original music by composer Alexandre Desplat (who worked with Anderson on Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr. Fox) as well as Russian folk songs and performances by the Osipov State Russian Folk Orchestra."
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Does Pitchfork Advance work for anyone, ever? I've tried it on Chrome, both Mac and Win7, both vanilla and Incognito, Safari and Firefox on the Mac, and Firefox on Win7. Pages load, but no sound ever plays; the bar on the bottom will say "Loading [track]" but no sound ever comes out.
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Now I feel bad: please don't let me derail the thread if this thing works for you; I've just been trying it off and on for weeks and it's frustrating. But I don't want to derail this into a Pitchfork Implementation Problems thread.

Not incidentally, my wife and I watched Darjeeling Limited on Sunday, and agreed that it is our least favourite Anderson movie and our favourite, to date, Anderson soundtrack. I'm looking forward to hearing this one, eventually.
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the soundtrack for DL really is good
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ooh Desplat is on board
I actually bought a CD of the "Syriana" soundtrack, because I loved it so much
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God damn what a bad layout/interface.
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I like how many Wes Anderson titles sound like 1000+ piece Lego sets.
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Fantastic Mr. Fox is a SUPERB soundtrack. I thought I'd love Moonrise Kingdom and I bought it almost immediately after seeing the movie, but it's Fanatastic Mr. Fox that practically lives in the CD player at work. If you do not have it, buy it. If you cannot buy it, steal it, it's thematic.
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Shepherd: It works for me, and nothing ever works for me. *shrug*
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I'm not saying I dislike the soundtrack, but it all screams "Wes Anderson Soundtrack" to me.

Like I enjoy it, but I have heard it before, and I like the Rushmore and Royal Tenenbaums soundtracks better.
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I get the page to work by going to the top bar and revealing the track list and clicking (or is it double-clicking?) on the first track. The entire album then plays just fine. (Mac, Safari)
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Navelgazer, I think I would love to see a lego set designed by wes
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Wes Anderson // Centered
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