March 3, 2014 1:19 PM   Subscribe is a Japanese electro-rap duo. (They don't control the domain The lead singles from their debut album are HATE (tw: cartoon violence/suicide imagery, alternate video) and GEORGE.

Other tracks available on Youtube include OLHERO and Lifefull.
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I love this, thanks.
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"HATE" has been off-and-on stuck in my head for like a month now and if I ever get around to making the "songs that make me feel like a badass" mix that I've been thinking about, it is so going on there.
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I know two people who are going to be on the "Girls" soundtrack two seasons from now.

Seriously though, I like it.
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Well, made me do a double take. ( I frequent the "weird religious website.")
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Hooray for Vulcan-pop!
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Maybe they could register the domain like, from the movie
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Man, between this and the tricot post the other day, I am seriously feeling the J-music love. What else should I be listening to?
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Ooooohhh. That was sweet. Thanks.
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I want to go to karaoke with them
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My GF is japanese and I think she talked to me about them one day, so I guess they are becoming popular!
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